Sunday, 18 August 2013

Day 2 Sneaky Peaks - Sheena's Most Magical stamps

Morning on this lazy Sunday morning: Day 2 sneak peek....

Well, show samples are almost done ahead of Sheena's shows on Create and Craft next Thursday 22nd: Still no times as yet - but I will post them as soon as they are available.

I have been having a bit of a straighten up as only a 6" square of my desk  remained visible and I had got to the stage of being unable to see things ; you know that - "but I was just using the (scissors, dusty concord ink pad, glue syringe)." ,"It was just in my hand.", "It must be here ..." , "Someone MUST have moved it..." despite the fact NO-ONE else would dare to enter unless bearing coffee, chocolate or cake... (Not necessarily in that order or separately!)

I would say tidy up but that would be a lie... and to quote Harry Potter "I must not tell lies." ( Anyone else watch Order of the Phoenix last night?)

Anyway enough of this "punch drunk with card making" meander and onto today's card!

Made with the Sheena's new Honesty stamp set I LOVE the serenity and medieval look of this woman: The iridescent dress is fusible fibre and seems to work well with the auburn locks!  The background is distress ink on centura pearl card and pewter pourable  - very mystical!!

Whatever you do this Sunday have a good one



  1. This is soooo fabulous, Fiona and the FF works perfectly with these designs!
    Diane xx

  2. A total WOW card.. Fusible fibre has made this card pop, simply stunning Px

  3. Now where did I put my fusible fibre..........I am inspired again. Lovely card. Kim xx

  4. Wow! This card is fabulous! Love the image and what you've done with her! Magic!! xxx

  5. Beautiful! Her shimmering dress and auburn hair are just fab... xxx

  6. Yes I watched Order of the Phoenix. I love my Harry Potter films and books. WOW this is stunning Fiona love the image she looks fabulous in the gorgeous colours.

    Linda xxx

  7. Hi Fiona
    I love this card it is magical and had a medieval feel to it. Her dress looks amazing and the whole thing pull together to make one stunning card

  8. love this to bits Fiona - getting so excited to see the whole set now x

  9. Wow! The fusible fibre is amazing for the dress, never had a lot of success with it! Maybe I should give it another go? You've inspired me xx love your card xx


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