Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Tomorrow is officially the start of your crafting Christmas!

Morning folks! Key info first: Sheena's new Christmas collection of gorgeous stamps will be on IDEAL WORLD at 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. tomorrow.

Reet now onto sneak peeks part deux! Today we have the heart felt set - these are fab and look out for the most adorable gingerbread man with this set!!! I have used a couple of the other - equally  cute stamps- felted heart and bird which are on the same set.

This second card using the same set could be Christmas but I think would work for other occasions too. I had great fun making the springs with my coiling gizmo for the boingy birds!

 I'm dreaming of a white Christmas ( well that's more probable than an English Summer!)

Enjoy the shows tomorrow xxx


  1. can't wait for the shows Fiona - amazing work! Hugs Rachel x

  2. These are gorgeous, Fiona. I love the felted plate, one of my favs I think!!
    Hugs Lisax

  3. These are both gorgeous hun, love the designs and colors on them both xx

  4. I espcially like the birds Fiona!!! Lovly work as ALWAYs!
    Claire n Furry Friends n hubby cooking Again!!
    Me I paint n model stuff etc etc lols
    Ta 4 Advanced notice Fiona!!! We need it!!!
    C xxx

  5. Hv2say the White Christmas is Yummy!!! I think thts too good2send " Christmas Fiona, all r AB FAB Fiona
    An amazing effect on the birds Is it Felt or 'Faux' Paint effect + blanket stitch and Cross Stitch Detail r Super -i cant tell if 'real' or ie:white paint pen or Similar??! Woteber if U r going2sell at nxt Craft Fair let me know so Tulip my Mini Cooper n I +1 large but Soft GSDbwill be 1st in q !!! Lols love Ur work!!! And this time am gonna get the Studio Auxilarybpack b4 sells out while Im Transfixed by Our Sheena
    Just a note of fun
    Bruce my Dog the big Fella has learnt to take my boots off and then he gently puts front paws on lap and passes boot n
    O.Uno!! Has then taught himself 2pull of no.2 !!! so Clever & SO Sweet!! Earns 3Malteasers for his efforts!! Am so proud of this Gentle Big Chap - hope it makes others Smile!!!
    Giddy Up 2Moro I know il be Sheena'r'ing Cant Wait!!!
    All hv a good nite Girls n ne Guys??!?
    Claire and the Wonder Dog!!!


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