Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Faux Gelli Plate - Photo how to..

Well, afternoon all

Thanks for the comments here and on facebook about yesterday's card . As promised today's post will be a "photo how to.." to achieve this result. Trust me it is straightforward :-).

You will need:
One unloved tan embossing mat
A brayer
Stamp of choice and rocker block
Mixing palette
Spray bottle of water
Primary elements and the powder binder*

 I have found that the key to this technique is  to work fairly quickly and to get the consistency  of the paint right.  It is worth getting everything ready as you will want to work quickly once the paint is mixed.

Using the bigger end of the scoop in the Primary Elements kit  measure out roughly half a scoop of pigment to a generous scoop of binder and add about 9 drops of water  - mix well to a syrupy consistency.

Lightly and evenly spritz a bit of paper with water and leave it to one side whilst you drop paint on mat and spread it out using brayer.

Stamp into "paint" firmly and cover with paper, spritzed side down.

2 quick light but firm passes of brayer and peel away immediately and done!

And finally add a light coat of spray and shine to seal it.

As you can see I road tested this several times hence the different colours in the pics ;-)! Spritzing the paper with water and getting the consistency of the paint right will ensure that the paper peels off easily.However if it does stick ( and a couple of mine did initially) just rinse the mat with water to clean it and start again!!

  *The powder binder in the primary elements kit is gum arabic powder which is widely available.

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  1. Looks less messy than I've been led to believe the gelli plate route is and a fab result. Thanks for the picture tutorial. Very easy to understand (even for me.)
    Beryl xx

  2. Thanks Fiona for such a great tutorial on your faux gelli plate technique. love the look and must have a try as I have these stamps.
    x catherine

  3. Looks fab Fiona!! finished card is beautiful. xx

  4. Fantastic project!!! Love the tutorial!

  5. Thanks for the tutorial, Fiona. This is one I have to try. Love getting messy!!
    Hugs Lisax

  6. Great project. Don't know how you came up with the idea to do the technique this way, but it looks good to me.

  7. Great tutorial and a great technique, Fiona - well done.
    Diane x

  8. Fab idea and the result is stunning! Will have to give it a try. Genius idea to use the tan mat instead of the gelli plate
    Claire xx


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