Friday, 15 March 2013

Sheena? On a Saturday? Are you sure???

Hello ma leetle chums!

I am absolutely sure that wor Sheena is on Create and Craft THIS Saturday ( That'll be tomorrow then!) at 9 a.m. 12p.m. and 3 p.m. How brill is that?

She has the fantasy paints  and the recent 4 day deal stamps with, I am told, another great offer on them. Good thing too as they sell out!

So I had a play to see if I could combine the two and here are the results:

First a plaque - I have realised on blogging that I photographed these BEFORE the final tweaking.. DOH! I added some crystal lacquer to the "mosaic" to make them into cabochons and a bit more distress ink to the right hand side - bit you get the idea!! The flowers and leaves were done on acetate then cut out when dry.

The second sample is a mirror - from that well known Swedish store....
 The dots were added by ensuring that the border paint had dried for 24 hours first..

Enjoy the shows or set your recorder.., they are bound to be crammed full of hints. tips and techniques



  1. Both these are fabulous! I especially love the mirror - I might have a go at one myself! Thank you for the idea. I have this collection of stamps and haven't used them yet - I must remedy that! Will be watching the shows tomorrow xx

  2. Wow! Love that mirror, stunning, love the wall hanging too, will set Sky+ to record, as I'm lucky enough to be doing a workshop tomorrow with the wonderfully talented Eileen Godwin :D xx

  3. Great work, Fiona - well done!
    Diane x

  4. I love the mosaic effect on the plaque, Fiona, wouldn't that look great on a handbag or pair of shoes!!
    Your mirror is gorgeous too. I shall have to set the machine for tomorrow's shows as I'm off to spend some crafty pennies at the Harrogate GNPE!!
    Have a great weekend.
    hugs Lisax

  5. These look fantastic Fiona. Love the effects you have achieved and the colours in each one. Will definately be looking out for this show.

    1. After Sheena's car trouble I believe the shows have been rescheduled to 9 April however look out for something special Easter Saturday ( 30 March) xxx


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