Thursday, 7 February 2013

Day 2 Sneaky Peeks - it's Dahlias Darlings!

Good morning - Its one of those crisp, blue sky mornings here in London: Just as well as the roofers have just arrived to fix the flat roof - Yay! Hopefully no more leaks and the conservatory can be redecorated for the second time in as many months!

But onto more interesting matters and today's sneak peeks of the new "Little bit florals" by Sheena that launch on Saturday on the HALF PRICE SHOW on Create and Craft are dahlias darling :-)

2 cards again - the first is a clean and simple one and the send is full on, blingy colour - even more blingy in real life as it was done with H2O's:

Have a fab day... I am off to the craft room to experiment :-) xxx


  1. This dahlia is a fabulous design isn't it, Fiona?and I love both of you cards although I must admit that the second one with all the wonderful colours is probably my favourite!
    Diane x

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    1. Hi Beryl - I had 2 comments from you - both them same so to be tidy deleted one but it left this blog admin message - not my choice and I won't be doing that again but thank you for both you comments - the feedback is really appreciated xx

  3. Oh wow! Fabulous work Fiona. I gotta have that stamp.
    Beryl xx

  4. Lovely Fiona, love that pop of colour. Isn't it lovely to see what everyone creates with the same stamps. Tracy x

  5. That Dahlia is definitely going to have to come home with me, what a gorgeous stamp. I love how you've kept it simple but then given it the full works, they are both stunning.
    hugs Lisax

  6. Wow! So loving your style xx


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