Sunday, 17 February 2013

Canvas capers with Primary Elements - Sneak peek 3.

Afternoon All!

Thanks for all your comments on yesterday's blog - it is really great to get all the feedback.

Sheena will be on Create and Craft tomorrow with Primary Elements (amongst other things) in the Craft clinic and 2 paint fusion shows too.

For my final sneak peeks I have chosen 2 projects broadly ( very) on the theme of canvas!The first is a triptych using small pebeo canvas boards and Sheena's Silhouette stamps teamed with Primary Elements (Dragons Dance) and an Existencil stencil..

I used the powder binder which comes in the kits to mix the pigment as this way it is easier to make a thicker paste to stencil with. I also used Stick and Spray on the existencil as I found this gave a good seal when stencilling. Before lifting the stencil I used a quick spritz of spray and shine to seal the paint so I could paint over it later.

Here's a close up of the central panel - the stamps were embossed in black:

Finally a bit of fun - by mixing the pigments with fabric medium and Sheena's Always Florals stamps I jazzed up a pair of plain canvas pumps... have to say I would wear them!

Have a lazy Sunday afternoon and enjoy tomorrow's shows xx


  1. wow these are stunning and so vibrant love jacquie xxx

  2. Both of these projects are wonderful, Fiona, so original! I love the shoes and would definitely wear them!
    Diane x

  3. I love your tryptich, Fiona, the colours are stunning but I have to say your pumps blew me away. I would wear those too. Looking forward to the programmes tomorrow to see what everyone has been up to.
    hugs Lisax

  4. I love both your projects. Lovely triptich and gorgeous pumps.

  5. Hi - If you would like to look at my blog there is an award for you there!! I really love your cards and thought you deserve it xx


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