Sunday, 17 February 2013

Canvas capers with Primary Elements - Sneak peek 3.

Afternoon All!

Thanks for all your comments on yesterday's blog - it is really great to get all the feedback.

Sheena will be on Create and Craft tomorrow with Primary Elements (amongst other things) in the Craft clinic and 2 paint fusion shows too.

For my final sneak peeks I have chosen 2 projects broadly ( very) on the theme of canvas!The first is a triptych using small pebeo canvas boards and Sheena's Silhouette stamps teamed with Primary Elements (Dragons Dance) and an Existencil stencil..

I used the powder binder which comes in the kits to mix the pigment as this way it is easier to make a thicker paste to stencil with. I also used Stick and Spray on the existencil as I found this gave a good seal when stencilling. Before lifting the stencil I used a quick spritz of spray and shine to seal the paint so I could paint over it later.

Here's a close up of the central panel - the stamps were embossed in black:

Finally a bit of fun - by mixing the pigments with fabric medium and Sheena's Always Florals stamps I jazzed up a pair of plain canvas pumps... have to say I would wear them!

Have a lazy Sunday afternoon and enjoy tomorrow's shows xx

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Playing with Pigments!

Sheena is back on our screens on Monday 18 Feb on Create and Craft starting with the Craft Clinic. As I mentioned yesterday I was lucky enough to get to play with 2 sets of the gorgeous primary elements and thought today I would share my "test piece".This plaque kinda emerged as I played with various ideas and experimented. I would love to say I had a plan but, alas I didn't! However I will try to explain how I got from this...

To this!

As you can see I started with an MDF plaque onto which I glued some cardboard butterflies (Sheena's Flying Colours stamps) some string swirls, and a cardboard flower ( Sheena's Always Floral stamps). The whole plaque was then covered in PVA and left to dry.

Next, I covered a small area with a generous layer  of Aleene's tacky glue (this bottle was the original bottle of glue I bought when I started crafting in 2009 - It has been loitering on the shelf ever since!) and then, whilst it was still wet , I held it over a candle flame to bubble and get VERY sooty. Until it looked like this when I had wiped of the soot.

I mixed  a browny, reddy, greeny mix of the the primary elements  using the bottle of glaze  that comes with the Primary elements  and used my fingers to smear over until I had an effect I was happy with. I over stamped the butterflies and flower using Wow powder and added some extra primary elements using a brush to the biggest butterfly. All was looking OK so I decided to glaze the bigger butterfly with Crystal lacquer... However I discover that the lacquer and glaze in the set are obviously similar and it moved some of the pigment I had carefully painted on earlier. Not to be put off when the lacquer was dry I added back the detail by using stazon to over-stamp the butterfly again!

By this stage I had an idea of butterflies breaking free from rusty confines so added the words If You Love Someone. These were printed on paper coloured with pigments and glaze and when dry added to the plaque. I wanted then to look part of the plaque so built up texture using embossing paste and  paint coloured again with the pigments.

The final part was adding a frame of black heavy body acrylic with a palette knife (again an old, unloved tube, that had long ago lost its lid and languished in the stash.) Whilst wet I  sprinkled some Pinflair Ice Diamond and left it to dry.

I discovered that the pigments mix well with Inka Gold (but strangely not with Rub and Buff) so I coloured a small amount with dark red pigment and some with the dark green pigment and applied with my fingers to the black acrylic paint border and finally, finally added a chain to hang it from.

And that my friend is the biography of my little butterfly plaque!!!

Friday, 15 February 2013

Shhh... Sheena is back on C&C on Monday 18th February

Hi All,

Just wanted to mention that Sheena is back on Create and Craft on 18 February! As well as 2 Paint Fusion shows she is doing the Craft Clinic so recorders ( or notebooks for us technically - challenged folk) at the ready: especially as she will be playing with something new Primary Elements from Luminarte :-)

I had 2 sets to experiment with; Costa Rica ( bright blues and gorgeous greens) and Dragon's Dances ( resplendent reds and yummy yellows). You can mix them with each other, the binders that come with them or indeed a host of other mediums and I have tried LOADS!!!!

Below is a box painted with white emulsion paint and white emulsion paint coloured with the TINIEST amount of pigments to create these delicious pastel tones. The eagle eyed amongst you will spot the florals stamps from the recent 4 day deal and that fabulous butterfly from the flying colours stamp set together with the butterfly from the Monarch Existencil set. A quick spritz of spray and shine and you're done!

Love them and have loads more experiment results to share so pop back over the next few days.

Have a great weekend!

Friday, 8 February 2013

Tomorrow - tomorrow!! Sneak Peek Number 3

Good morning folks

Well, tomorrow is the big day - 6 new stamps from Sheena and their launch on a half price show! Today I am sharing another one of the range which is the iris - coloured with spectrum noirs and a simple spellbinders background using a lattice and resplendent rectangles dies:

For my second peek I have returned to the lily but this time I thought I'd have a go at paint fusioning it...pretty happy with the result.

Enjoy the shows on Create and Craft tomorrow xxx

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Day 2 Sneaky Peeks - it's Dahlias Darlings!

Good morning - Its one of those crisp, blue sky mornings here in London: Just as well as the roofers have just arrived to fix the flat roof - Yay! Hopefully no more leaks and the conservatory can be redecorated for the second time in as many months!

But onto more interesting matters and today's sneak peeks of the new "Little bit florals" by Sheena that launch on Saturday on the HALF PRICE SHOW on Create and Craft are dahlias darling :-)

2 cards again - the first is a clean and simple one and the send is full on, blingy colour - even more blingy in real life as it was done with H2O's:

Have a fab day... I am off to the craft room to experiment :-) xxx

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Heads Up - Sheena has a Half Price Show - this Saturday!!

Good morning!

Well lets cut to the chase here - Sheena has some shows as part of the Create and Craft half price event THIS Saturday! As I type the show times are 9 a.m, 12 p.m, 4 p.m and 8 p.m. but click here for the latest schedule.

There are some absolutely gorgeous "a little bit floral" stamps launching and for my first sneak peeks I have decided to share the fab lily'. Both have been coloured using Spectrum Noir alcohol pens. I love theses stamps: They are big and beautiful!

This card is a large 8 x 8 to give an idea of scale:

More tomoz - take care if you are surrounded by snow and keep warm xx