Friday, 8 June 2012

Rain Pah! New Sheena lovelies

Well I have been working my crafty fingers to the bone playing with some brand spanking new silhouette stamps from the lady herself, Sheena D.  I say "working" but you know what I mean! They are gorgeous and launch on Create and craft on Tuesday. Before that, on Monday, Sheena will be demoing her embossing folders and they all work "oh so perfectly" together.

As I made LOADS of cards I've decided on 2 sneaky peaks ( because 'they're worth it'...who says advertising slogans don't work!)

Without further ado: Sneak peek 1 with new  silhouette stamps embossed in black on acetate with splotchy acrylic paint in the back:

Sheena silhouette stamps - acetate and acrylic 
 and sneak peek 2, using the gorgeous daisy embossing folder and paint fusion daisy stamp

Sheena daisy embossing folder and paint fusion daisy stamp.
Stay warm and dry xxxx


  1. stunning Fiona
    love all your creations
    hugs linda xxx

  2. Wow!! These are stunning Fiona! Look forward to seeing them on CR&CR...:)..xx

  3. Lovely Fiona, I'm with you re working those fingers to the bone lol. Worth all the work though, beautiful. Tracy x x

  4. Wonderful creations, Fiona! Like Tracy, I'm with you on the bony fingers thang! Diane xx


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