Friday, 18 May 2012

One more day, one more day!!!!

So - my final "snorky porks" ( oh I am going to miss all the Allo Allo references - happy days) of the new plates by Sheena Douglas that will be on your screens tomorrow on C&C. To celebrate  I decided to showcase a card from each new plate. I also thought I would pick a couple that showcase some of the other images on the plates . The first is using images from the 50's plate and it is unashamedly 50's in style:

A sentiment and a teacup - simples :-).

For the second from the Bonsoir plate what could be more fitting than to say "Cheers" using the bottle of wine!

So Bon Sante ma leetel chums, have a fantastic weekend and- if you happen to spy "the fallen Madonna with the big boobies" you know what to do!!!

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