Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Duck,duck , duck!!! or

Have I gone a little bit "quackers" here ??? I love, love love this new stamp from Sheena ( watch out for it next week on C&C) It's from her newest range " a little bit different" and each one is great, tongue in cheek humour. I would definitely have this one in a frame on my desk,,,well that's if I had a desk!

Have a warm and balmy evening :-)

Oh Duck - from Sheena Douglass " A Little bit Different"


  1. What ink do you use to stamp on the bag, please? I love these!

  2. Hi Anonymous! Right the bag is a transfer made by photographing the stamp that I had coloured in before I used it on the card. I then took the photo into My Craft Studio programme and enlarged it to A4 and flipped the image horizontally ( so the writing was back to front) and then printed it onto inkjet transfer paper (I use the premium one from Signal Inkjet - it works brilliantly) then ironed it on. I have also used this product on t-shirts which wash happily at 40 degrees. Hope this helps Fiona xxx


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