Wednesday, 29 February 2012

How excited am I? Sheena's new stamps!!

Morning all!

Sneaky peek 1 of Sheena's new collage stamps launching on Friday... I had though of just posting a bit of a pic each day but then thought that would be TOO mean :-)

However, what a treat! One stamp is especially helpful for cards for men. I thought today I'd share one made with one of the new stamps on acetate with luminarte. The backing paper, which was crumpled further was also from Sheena's new CD - printed and H2O's then liberally applied. I hope you like!

Roll on Friday :-)


  1. Loving this, colours are fabulous, brilliant x

  2. Oh wow Fiona, this looks fab. Love what you've done with the backing paper, I'll have to have a try at that.
    Hugs Sue x

  3. This is fabulous Fiona! Love the backing papers.

    Linda xxx

  4. Love these new stamps and what you have done with it Fi, well wow, is all i can say, goodness me, i'm supposed to be saving for a ghosthunting holiday in Ireland again, but everytime i start to put money away Sheena comes out with more great stamps, last month it was the latest fusion stamps, but couldnt afford the wholePOW or would want it but defo got the stamps, can see these making hubby's plastic groan too hahahaha, love it mate, can't wait to see more of your sneak peeks, brilliant babe!!!! vick xxxx
    YT vixcrafts

  5. stunning yet again Fiona
    hugs linda xxx


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