Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Luminarte Twinkling H2O's and Sheena: Create and Craft Friday 9 December

Firstly, who nicked the first week in December??? I swear it has just vanished. I have very little done for Christmas as I have been having FAR TO MUCH FUN discovering the joys of H2O's. I hadn't used these little pots of loveliness before so this has been quite an adventure.

 2 Christmas themed cards today , given that its only 19 days away..(OMG - now WOULD be an appropriate time to panic I think ;-))

Bah humbug Sheena stamps  and twinkling H2O's on image and for the snow flakes

One of my favourite Sheena Stamps is the  rooftops one. I even managed to capture a bit of the twinkle in this pic - not easy on a camera but just goes to show how sparkly they are !
Have a warm and crafty evening!


  1. Beautiful cards. While I haven't yet got it, I love the rooftop image too :-)

    What have you used for the background behind the topper in the first card?

    I use the Cosmic Shimmer paints, but having seen H2O's used in other people's work I know that they have a lovely finish to them too :-)

    Time to panic??? Hmmmm does that mean I should have started my Christmas cards by now then? lol

  2. Hi Kate - its an angel hair paper pale blue with embedded silver glitter. If memory serves it was a random purchase at the Craftbarn because "It looked pretty"!

    PS perhaps we should start a trend for panic parties??? :-)

  3. They are both lovely Fiona but I must admit I like the rooftops one slightly more!

    Catherine x


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