Tuesday, 10 May 2011

We all start somewhere.....

Well hi and welcome to my new blog - thanks for dropping by...

This blog is dedicated to getting creative, play and getting messy. It will record my attempts at crafting: my new favourites and having fun. Please feel free to leave comments (constructive ones preferred !) and share your own crafting discoveries.

Crafty enthusiast

My current addiction is the great Sheena Douglass's Paint fusion and below a few of my first attempts..

An early attempt...

Berries are so effective - who'd have thought that it started with a thumb print!

Getting  addicted - a (small!) canvas


  1. Love your 'attempts' lol and your new blog! well done (F) lol.......hugs vick xxxxx

  2. Having a look around ...as you do! lol How very talented you are. I tried this Fusion lark and made a right mess .... your work is beautiful ..like 'em all but my fav is the last one (getting addicted) Good work!
    Eileen xxx


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